Kevin Lewis
Technical writer, manager, and instructor with 25+ years' experience

Technical Writing Online Lesson Modules

Company: Virginia Tech See in résumé | See Higher Ed Teaching

Summary: These online lesson modules provide specific lecture concepts for an online version (virtual campus) of a technical writing course at Virginia Tech. The lesson modules in the online course collectively meet the learning objectives defined in higher-level lessons. These modules also directly relate to the Technical Writing (Virtual Campus) Instructor Handbook I wrote for Virginia Tech.

Production: I used Captivate to author and develop the lesson modules. I also used Captivate to record and edit my voiceovers. During production of these modules, I did not have access to professional audio recording equipment. The quality of the voiceovers was therefore limited to the capabilities of my own home office equipment.

Authorship: I was the sole author and developer of these modules.

Audience: The modules' primary audience includes undergraduate students at Virginia Tech who take the online version (virtual campus) of the ENGL 3764: Technical Writing course. These students are not English majors but instead take this course as part of their curriculum in other non-writing disciplines.

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