Kevin Lewis
Technical writer, manager, and instructor with 25+ years' experience


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"He worked with us to determine a strategy for rolling out a complex set of documentation that needed to be both highly customized for our customers and translated for global markets. We have since relied on Kevin to write and maintain many types of documents including consumer hardware user guides, web-based help systems, and UI specifications. And he has efficiently managed and delivered these projects for us, often working with our personnel in other countries and sometimes working directly with our customers. On many occasions we’ve handed large projects to Kevin that required immediate turnaround, and Kevin was able to turn in high-quality work in minimum time."

"Kevin has worked with me on more than one occasion. He is an excellent writer, and is self-managed and self-motivated. He produces superior documentation every time, and is always in demand. Managers and writers alike rely on his expertise and product knowledge to drive content and processes."

"In addition to being a talented writer, he also was an excellent manager and created a strong documentation team. I also found him to be a strategic thinker in helping to plan out the tools and techniques we would use in our documentation projects."

"Kevin could be counted on for competence and efficiency in his own area, but he also has a good and inquisitive business mind, and brought a customer-centric and people-centric focus to debate that tended to go off the technical deep end."

"He came up to speed extremely fast, was proactive in setting up meetings and discussions with the relevant stakeholders, and delivered a great final product. Kevin guided us in creating an internal documentation and language standards group, helped us review and select the technical writing application for our organization and was flexible and professional when documentation priorities shifted."

"I learned a lot by working with him and he set a great example. I also consider him a mentor as throughout the years, when I reached out to him, he always made time to talk to me at length about various career and business insights."

"His ability to turnaround big jobs quickly on short notice was especially valuable to our creative team. Kevin is great at working with designers, developers, project managers and customers. His work is accurate and thorough. I highly recommend Kevin, I hope we have the opportunity to work together again someday."