Kevin Lewis
Technical writer, manager, and instructor with 25+ years' experience

Energy Management Web Portal Help

Company: Greenwave Systems See in résumé

Summary: This help system is based on standard HTML and was deployed with an IoT application that allows users to manage their energy management systems and hardware. While the help system includes a main index, users access specific help topics by clicking a context-sensitive link on each of the application's pages.

Production: I used Dreamweaver to create and manage the help system. Since the client sells their products through utility companies around the world, they required a structure that could be customized, branded, and translated for each utility. I therefore used an infrastructure that allows customers to easily modify a cascading style sheet to change the design and layout to meet their own requirements. This specific sample uses the styles and layout specified by the client's graphic designers to match their working demonstration of the application.

Authorship: I authored all of the content in the help topics.

Audience: The audience for this help system included consumers across several countries who used the application to manage their home energy management system.

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