Kevin Lewis
Technical writer, manager, and instructor with 25+ years' experience


Company: Connected (later acquired by Iron Mountain) See in résumé

Summary: This help system is based on the Microsoft HTML Help platform and was deployed with a tool called Data Center Management Console (DCMC). The tool provided administrators a way to centrally manage other server applications developed by Connected.

Production: I used RoboHelp as the help authoring tool to create the help system, and the help system is based on a style sheet that I created. I designed the style sheet to imitate the help system from a Microsoft tool with which the DCMC tool and help system is merged. I imitated the Microsoft style sheet to maintain a consistent look and feel as users browse between Connected's help system and Microsoft's help system.

Authorship: I wrote approximately 85% of the help system's topics. The remaining 15% came from pre-existing documents including developer notes, product descriptions, and application specifications.

Audience: The help system's audience included different types of technical administrators ranging from network technicians to program developers. The audience had a very strong technical background and understood computer terminology at a much greater level than standard end users.

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Note: This help file is a CHM file, which is an executable Windows help file that must be downloaded and run on your system.