Kevin Lewis
Technical writer, manager, and instructor with 25+ years' experience

Accessing and Logging in to Salesforce

Company: Crescent Healthcare See in résumé

Summary: This tutorial showed Crescent Healthcare employees how to access and log in to Salesforce. When I created the tutorial, Salesforce was a newly implemented system with which employees had little to no experience. This sample includes both the tutorial and the written script on which the tutorial was based.

Production: I used Word to write the script for the tutorial and Acrobat to generate the distributed version of it. I used Captivate to author and generate the tutorial. The original intent was to include a professional voiceover to provide narration throughout the tutorial. However, the client later decided not to invest in the additional resource. The final tutorial is therefore without sound.

Authorship: I was the sole author of the script and tutorial.

Audience: The audience for the script included management and project team members, who provided feedback for the content of the tutorial. The audience for the tutorial included Crescent Healthcare employees, who had very little Internet skills and were new to the Salesforce application.

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Note: The script requires Acrobat Reader and the tutorial requires Acrobat Flash Player to be installed on your computer.