Kevin Lewis
Technical writer, manager, and instructor with 25+ years' experience

Customizing Navigation Icons in JavaHelp

Publisher: O'Reilly

Summary: This web-based article was published on the O'Reilly website following the publishing of my Creating Effective JavaHelp book in June 2000. The article explains how to enhance navigation components for JavaHelp systems by customizing the icons used in the table of contents.

Production: I used FrontPage to create this article and customized it directly with HTML. The O'Reilly staff designed its layout and performed the final publishing to their website. I had to change some portions of the HTML for the article to display correctly in this portfolio.

Authorship: I was the sole author of this article.

Audience: The article's audience includes technical writers and Java developers who are focused on developing JavaHelp systems.

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Note: Article is reprinted with permission from O'Reilly.